Athlone Hen Party / Athlone Stag Party

An Athlone Hen Party, Athlone Stag Party can be something quite special if you plan your party with Stag and Hen Weekends, whose staff have visited and enjoyed the exquisite history and culture that Athlone offers to its visitors.

When you speak with staff at Stag and Hen Weekends you know that you are going to be given information that is based on knowledge and experience, reviews and testimonials from those Stag and Hen Parties that have already enjoyed the Athlone experience.

Stag and Hen Weekends will advise you on the package that best suits your Hen Party, Stag Party budget and requirements. Our staff will offer a range of accommodation, activity and dining types to your group, so that your Hen Party, Stag Party is remembered for many happy years to come.

Athlone Hen Party

Athlone Hen Party

Stag and Hen Weekends will help you design a package that meets the budget and needs of your Hen Party, Stag Party.

Stag and Hen Weekends have also gone that little bit further, and experienced not only the accommodation, activities and venues that your Hen Party, Stag Party will enjoy, but have also experienced the unique attractions in Athlone that provide a window into the shared history and culture of the Island of Ireland.

Athlone Town

Athlone can also be pronounced Baile Átha Luain in Irish/Gaelic, meaning ‘The town of Luan’s ford’, the historically significant town of Athlone is situated on the border of two Irish counties, County Westmeath and County Roscommon. Athlone is near the geographical centre of Ireland, which is 8.85 kilometres (5.50 miles) north-northwest of the town, in the area of Carnagh East in County Roscommon.

Athlone is built on the River Shannon and sits close to the southern shore of the majestic Lough Ree, Athlone has a warm and welcoming population of approximately 21,000 inhabitants, a population as diverse and rich as the town’s own history and culture.

Athlone Stag Party

Athlone has been politically and culturally significant through the ages, for example, Athlone was one of the Jacobite strongholds that defended the river-crossings into the confederate-held Province of Connacht following the Battle of the Boyne on 1 July 1690.

There is only one way to fully appreciate the beautiful River Shannon and the majestic Lough Ree, and that is by booking a River Cruice (LINK) as part of your Hen Party Package with Stag and Hen Weekends. It is simply breath-taking, and we know that, because we have enjoyed such cruises, with River Run Cruise.

While on-board a River Cruise you can chat with your Hen Party, Stag Party friends and family, while watching and listening to the life of the Shannon, enjoy drinks and light refreshments, as the history and culture of ancient Ireland unfold. 

Athlone Hen Parties

Athlone, a Shared, if often turbulent, History and Culture

Athlone Castle is simply a joy for those who wish to return home from their Hen Party, Stag Party Weekend having enjoyed not only their accommodation, activity and night-life, but also the richness of the history of Athlone and its surrounding water and landscapes.

Athlone Castle has been restored with love, care and attention; one is transported back in time at The Visitors Centre which is housed within the Castle. View the magnificent costumes (OUR PICTURES) once worn by mighty soldiers on the battle field, fine linen and embroidery, set against the rustic blade of war weary swords.

Athlone Stag Parties

As well as real life exhibits of costumes, weaponry and artifacts, there are interactive exhibits, with one in particular offering a great challenge, when it asks you, what orders would you have given your army as it advanced on Athlone Town in ancient times, choose your answer carefully. Touch-screen animations bring fun to the learning the history of Athlone, however, The Great Siege of Athlone becomes a modern reality for you and your Hen Party, Stag Party when you enter the 360-Degree cinematic experience.

Athlone Hen Weekend

When you have managed to step back from the Visitors Centre, and you want to become more enchanted with Athlone Town, walk up the few steps to the Castle Keep and enjoy a view of the River Shannon as did the mighty Generals of ancient battles as they directed their armies.

If you have any energy left from your Hen Party, Stag Party Weekend, push out that final few steps and reach the Castle Battlements, from this position you can see across the entire town of Athlone, and imagine standing there in ancient times and watching the enemy advance.

Athlone Stag Weekend

Promenade on The River Shannon

If your Hen Party/Stag Party group fancy a walk to simply gather your thoughts, walk of the breakfast or prepare for the day ahead, why not enjoy a walk along the promenade, listen to the quiet waters of the Shannon flow, ducks and wild-life call to their young, enjoy the water and landscape.

Athlone Town

If you fancy some retail therapy, then Athlone Town Centre has a range of shop types, the shopping centre was built during the Celtic Tiger Economic Boom and hosts fifty-four shops and cafes, further retail is available in Golden Island Shopping Centre.

Your Hen Stag Party Package

There are three key elements to most Hen and Stag Party Weekends, Accommodation, Food and Drink and Activity.

Staff at Stag and Hen Weekends will offer your Party Organiser a range of accommodation types, to suit your budget. You may enjoy self-catering apartments or 4 Star Hotel accommodation, the choice will be yours to make.

Shamrock Lodge Hotel

Stag and Hen Weekends works with a number of tried and trusted accommodation providers in Athlone, and you will be advised, based on our experience and knowledge.

Athlone Hotels

Stag and Hen Weekends staff have enjoyed food and drinks in most Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and Cafes in Athlone. It will be our pleasure to help you choose what suits your budget and group type, be that a reserved area for your group to drink and dine, or a casual finger-food experience in the bar area.

Stag and Hen Weekends works with a wide range of activity providers to ensure that we can offer your group a choice that suits budget and group type.

All of our activity providers have provided happy memories for both Hen and Stag Parties, and so we make no distinction between Hen and Stag Parties when offering our range of activities.

Athlone Hen Party

For Activity Price Click on any Activity

The choice is yours, be that Afternoon Tea, an Ann Summers Party, Bigfoot Football, Chocolate Making, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Cocktail Making, CSI Save the Groom – Interactive App, Cube Challenge, Dance Class, Escape Rooms, Fr Ted Party, Go Karting, Laughter Yoga, Nude Dicktionary, Nude Life Drawing, Nude Sculpting, Old School Sports Day, Paintball, Photoshoot, River Run Cruise, Splatmaster

River Cruise Run

The River Cruise Run is an experience rather than an activity, as the ancient waters of The River Shannon take your group into the majestic Lough Ree, the water and landscaping are simply breath-taking.

You can relax and enjoy drinks and conversation with your group, or sit quietly taking in the unique history of a once battled water way. Take photographs of the wild life to share with family and friends when your return home.

Athlone River Cruise

Escape Rooms

In 2021, as Public Health Restrictions began to ease, staff from Stag and Hen Weekends visited Athlone to experience a number of activities so that we could assure our Hen Party and Stag Party clients, that our offering of activities were ready to deliver many more happy years of memories.

The Escape Rooms activity, initially raises more questions than answers, think about that. Your group will be shown into one of a number of room types, in that room, you will initially wonder what will keep your group occupied for an hour.

However, your initial thoughts of “What” will later make you blush, as you realise that it was all Elementary from the very outset. By the time your group have worked out all the clues or not, you will spend many hours afterwards, thinking, I had that in my hand and I did not realise it was the Clue.

Athlone Escape Rooms

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