Hen Party Review

Hen Party Review

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Last weekend was my hen weekend and I had no idea what or where they had planned for the hen party. I had said to my bridesmaids that this was one part of the wedding I wanted to enjoy without organising; I had so much to do.


Got collected by one of my bridesmaids at 3.00pm, was handed my first present and told to put it on. They had made a dress with all of my favourite musicians printed on it. I knew it was in Galway but nothing else. We arrived at a Hotel and I nearly died they have booked us all into a 4 star hotel. Amazing, I could not take my jaw of the ground. The receptionist took our bags and we were told to go into the bar where everybody was waiting for us, the free shot set the tone. Really lovely surprise to see people that I thought could or would not come. We started drinking there and then. They then added a sash to my beautiful dress. After a few more shots we had to go to the room to start getting ready for the nite out. But everybody wanted to come as well. So I was wondering what had they planned. When we walked into the room there was a hall way with a table with loads of presents and cards and champagne and Pink Balloons. It was fabulous. Could not believe how beautiful the hotel was. So everybody went to their room and we started on the Champagne, before we knew it we had drank two bottles of champagne and we hadn’t even had dinner, the mood was great and everyone was happy.


We had dinner in the bar which was fantastic, so we had more drinks and food. Then at 9.30 we were told to go to the room, we arrived to see that my bridesmaid had organised an Ann Summers Party well all I can say is the funniest thing I have ever done. I was warming up at this stage and was really enjoying myself. Everybody had a great laugh; I don’t know how many slept on my bed.


Next morning we went down for breakfast and took it easy. We then were told to be ready for 3.00pm. Everybody arrived at our room for 2.30 and we starting to drink a few cocktails. We then went to a room within the hotel to be told that we were rock n roll dancing, so fantastic, everybody got dressed up and we learnt a few dance moves, then we made a full video of the dance. It will be shown at the wedding.


After the laughter and fun we went to the bar for more drink, at 6.00 we went back to the room to start getting ready as we needed to be in the bar for 6.30 more alcohol and live music. We met at the bar for a cocktail session and more people arrived to the party, we then went into the restaurant and had a full long table ready for us in the back of the restaurant. Now imagine the restaurant is decorated like an Italian Restaurant everything was beautifully set out, it was brilliant with the lights and curtains. Then every time we started a course: starter, mains and dessert, I had to open a present, IPhone. We then had the Mr and Mrs Quiz. Well laughter was loud as all sorts of questions were being asked.


After dinner we were told that there was a bus outside waiting for us.


The bus took us to the Night club just up the road, now remember it was lashing raining and cold, and there was a big queue. We walked straight passed everybody into the nightclub and up to the VIP Area. It was fantastic danced the night away and the mini bus was waiting for us at the end of the night. Went back to the residence bar and sang a few songs and just continued laughing, went to bed about 5.00. But would not change a thing about the weekend it was fantastic, an end to the life of being single, although I think we will have a heniversary and try to recreate the fun we had, if that’s possible.


The girls said they could not have organised such a great weekend without the help of hen party professionals such as stagandhenweekends.ie.