CSI Save Groom ActivityOur C.S.I – Save the Groom event is a very popular Hen Party Activity, because the crime is the Bride’s worst nightmare, which is always fun to mess around with. Don’t worry, it’s all very tongue in cheek!

We get the Best Man / Bridesmaids to film the groom getting kidnapped or we just make the story up. We then get the “Maid of Honour” to take the group along to a café/bar, where they will be met by our professional actor playing the hilarious Gardaí Inspector who will bring you to the investigation room and show the group the tape.

The group is slip into teams of approx 4 and become detectives – who then set off and follow a trail of clues to rescue the groom before the big day.

The winning team will win a bottle of Bubbly.

Please note – CSI Save the Groom is a very interactive activity, for the best enjoyment group members will have to get involved, not suitable if you think there are alot of “quiet” people in the group.

Minimum Number 10 people


Location for CSI Save the Groom

Galway CSI Save the Groom