Nude PaintingNude Painting


It is best to keep this as a surprise activity as it always works best that way. 


The hen party will arrive at the venue and everyone will see the easels etc. all set up and realise that they will be painting… the guy will be there fully dressed, and in the introduction it will be explained that they will be doing a portrait of a man.


The first thing everyone will do is to sponge a background colour on to their canvas and as everyone is doing this the male model will strip off (The guys are not strippers so they don’t intimidate anyone).  This is when you get the giggles and laughter, as some will be sponging away unawares and look up when they hear others laughing… it’s a great ice breaker!!…. then everyone gets the rest of their paints and are encouraged to do the best they can as everyone gets to take home their own nude painting!


There is also a special painting for the bride, she will pick out an image from a book and the instructor will do the outline and then as everyone finishes up their own painting they will do a bit on this painting, so that everyone participates in painting the painting for the bride and this is something she will always have as a nice memory of her hens.
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