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Dublin Cube Challenge – €27

Dublin Cube Challenge

Dublin Cube Challenge: Our games are based on challenges preformed on tv3s “The Cube” but with the twist that they are played on a head to head basis. Each player has 2 attempts at each game. We have 5 games, “Post It”, “Switch”, “Square Tower Move”, “Round Tower Build” and “Ball Stack”.
All games are being timed. We record the fastest time for each competitor at each game. We have 3 sets of all games so group bookings move fast and there is a lot of interaction / banter flying which in turn keeps everyone interested.

The game is an excellent chance for members of the group to laugh and get to know each other better. It can be played in a reserved area in a bar so that the group can get also drinks. This game is perfect for ladies of all ages.
Minimum number 10 people

€27.00 per person

We will arrange a private function room in a city centre bar for the activity (€80.00 Room Hire).
Or the activity can come to your location if you have a venue suitable.

Dublin Cube Challenge Games

Post It: This game requires the contestants to deposit a total of 10 balls through the hole in the quickest time. First to have all 10 balls through the whole wins the leg.

Switch: This game requires the contestants to swap 10 balls (1 box of solids, 1 box of stripes) from the box they are currently in, to the opposite. The challenge with this game is that at some point the balls will be 5 of solids and 5 of stripes in each box and trying to remember which ones are going to which box can really play with your mind. Again, the contestant to complete the “Switch” in the fastest time wins.

Square Tower Move: This game requires contestants to move a stack of 9 bricks from left to right or right to left, which ever hand works best for them. This is one that tests focus and coordination because if you build at a very fast rate but not very straight your tower is sure to fall, but build too slow and your competitor may have a their tower complete before you and take the leg.

Round Tower Build: This game requires contestants to build a round tower structure from scratch out of 1 inch diameter cylinders. Again focus and coordination is put to a great test. Build too slow and your opponent may have their structure complete first, but building too fast can/will result in your structure falling before completed.

Ball Stack: In the final game we have made a very “simple” game. This game requires contestants to stack 6 balls on top of 1 inch metal tubes. Speed is everything in this game. Again it is the 1st person to have a ball placed on each of the 6 tubes wins.

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