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Dublin Footdarts Package

Dublin Footdarts Package

Dublin Footdarts Package includes Accommodation in Dublin City Centre, Giant Foot Darts activity, 2 course meal, VIP Entry – Guest listed to a top city centre nightclub.

Giant Foot Darts, combines Football and Darts for some competitive fun. We have an enormous inflated dartboard with a velcro face. Then we have wool-covered balls for you to kick at the board. You can play a traditional game of darts in an untraditional way. It’s all about accuracy and technique to get your shot in the right place.
Loads of choices of types of games to keep the group entertained. You could play High Score, best of 3 balls. Or try to work your way around the board starting at one and ending at bulls eye. Or try Red or Black, choose which colour on the board you are going for and the next person has to get the other.

ACCOMMODATION – Our Dublin Hen Party includes accommodation in Dublin City Centre. We will give you a number of options for accommodation depending on availability.

EVENING MEAL your group will enjoy a 2 course meal (main course & dessert) in the hotel you are staying in, or in a city centre bar.

NIGHTCLUB your group will have VIP Nightclub Entry – Guest listed to a top city centre Nightclub.

If your group is staying 2 nights, we will also arrange a platter of finger food for your group in a top city centre bar on Friday evening.

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Dublin Footdarts Package Prices

Minimum Number: 12 people

Accommodation Type 1 Night Package from 2 Night Package from
Accommodation / FootDarts / 2 Course Meal / VIP Nightclub Entry
Hostel Accommodation €165 €255
3* Hotel Accommodation €225 €375
4* Hotel Accommodation €240 €405
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Dublin Footdarts Package

Looking to Book the Activity Only?
Do you have your accommodation already booked, but would you like to book everything else in the package? The price will be:

Activity & Dinner Package
FootDarts / 2 Course Meal / VIP Nightclub Entry

Or you can book your own accommodation >> Dublin Hotels

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