Cocktail Making ClassCocktail Making is a very popular hen party activity, it is a great ice breaker, it allows people to get to know each other and gets you started for the night 🙂

Cocktail Making is available in most locations and each class will vary a little. The standard Cocktail Making lesson lasts approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours, and this is not fixed and can be tailored to suit your group. During the lesson you’ll be given a quick background on cocktails and a few different styles of cocktails will be made and tested by your group. Each guest then decides which cocktail they would like to learn how to make and is brought behind the bar and shown how to make it. The bar tenders are extremely interactive and will make sure everyone has the craic!

Locations for Cocktail Making

Galway Cocktail Making | Dublin Cocktail Making | Kilkenny Cocktail Making